Kayaking on The Castlereagh Lake
Enjoy magnificent views of tea-carpeted mountains as you paddle along the Castlereagh Lake. Burn off the afternoon cream tea calories with an hour of kayaking. Do take a pashmina or cardigan with you as it could get chilly.
Kayaks can carry two people. A guide will accompany you in the same kayak or separately. Kayaking is permitted between 6am and 6pm, subject to water levels/weather.

Kayaking at Buduruwagala Reservoir
The reservoir is located beside Buduruwagala Archaeological site and 34 km far from the Ella Jungle Resort and famous for local fishery and bird watching area.
During your expedition we can also 4WD you to the famous Buduruwagala archaeological site
which is nearby. It’s fabulous. The name Buduruwagala means “the rock with the statue of Buddha” And this is exactly what it is. Seven figures are carved in this rock plus a massive 51 foot Buddha statue.

Kayaking at Kithulgala
Kithulgala is one of the best places to who are beginners to learn the basics of the sport and advanced kayakers will find the Kelani river as a fun place or simply get in a great day of exciting white-water paddling. Breathtaking scenery can be enjoyed with downstream kayaking with gentle journey. Moreover, The Upper Kelani is a thrilling stretch of water, offering challenging Class IV water. You will be experienced safety standards with well-trained local guides with first aid knowledge, safety equipment and high standard of activity equipment. This river is idea for both beginners to experienced paddlers and always ensure that all guests are safe on the river. Do not miss such experiences in paradise island.